Functions of the DGRPG

    1. All matters related to:
        • 1. Administrative re-organization and streamlining of administration
        • 2. Reports of Administrative Reforms Commission
        • 3. Improvement in office procedure and systems
        • 4. Indian Institute of Public Administration, and
      • 5. Formulation of policies regarding maintenance and retention of records
    2. Administrative Reforms and e-Governance in all departments of the Government, reports of the Administrative Reforms Commission and Punjab Governance Reforms Commission, National e-Governance Programme.
    1. Administration of the Right to Information Act
  1. Management of State Data Centre, State Wide Area Network, State Service Delivery Gateway and related matters
  2. Administration and all the matters of the Punjab Right to Service Act, 2011 and the Punjab Right to Service Commission.
  3. To formulate policy on the use of Information Technology in the State of Punjab.
  4. To formulate and implement a plan for induction of Information Technology at all levels, in coordination with the Government Departments concerned.
  5. To give Technical advice to all departments regarding adoption of suitable Information Technology systems for making appropriate arrangements to maintain the service.